Sweet, Inc.

Stop overpaying for phone servicE


Role — Head of Design

Sweet wants you to stop overpaying for phone service. This year alone, American’s will overpay by $60B for coverage they don’t use or need. Wireless carriers have made navigating the terrain so difficult that most people don’t bother looking for an alternative.

As Head of Design for Sweet, Inc. I led the creation of the brand, website, and app (IOS/Android). I also developed concepts for marketing campaigns and oversaw social media content. Below are various UI snippets from our Android app. Select one for a closer look.


Weaving product and brand together

My role at Sweet included working with everyone from the business and legal side to the customer support side. I also worked directly with the developers to manage the release schedule, QA and app updates.

My responsibilities include designing and maintaining the Sweet website, app, design system, copywriting, designing user flows, prototyping based on user feedback as well as occasionally building pages with (modern) HTML/CSS.



Waitlist for iPhone

The first version of our app was a simple waitlist along with an informative onboarding section. We included the users place in line as well as a way to move up the queue (buy referring friends). In just 3 weeks, we grew our waitlist to 20,000+ signups.



Rapid prototyping in Sketch

The main section of the Sweet app features Andrea, our humble AI. The design was intended to be clear, friendly and as human as possible. We iterated endlessly on copy, steps, faces, names, etc.

I setup a system in Sketch to allow for quick iterations for prototyping Andrea’s messaging. Watch the video below to see a demo.

P.S. Sketch 58 just introduced Smart Layouts! Which makes this type of work native to Sketch. No more third-party plug-ins.



Measure twice, build once

I spec’d out every screen and component for the developers. Here’s an example of our early Deal screen and how it should be displayed on a Google Pixel vs. Samsung S10.

All components were built in React Native so to keep things simple i made sure I didn’t resize the components themselves but only their relationship to the viewport height.

Your Deal Specs@3x.png
Your Deal -S10 Specs@3x.png


Brand Guidelines

Sweet is all about saving people money. We knew wanted to have an S symbol that was similar to the dollar sign ($) but not quite as cheesy. We also liked using the period (.) in the logo because “sweet.” is a commonly used phrase today we wanted to capture that visually some way.

I could talk at length on the hidden meanings behind this logo but honestly this one came pretty easily and early in the process and we loved it. The font is completely custom. I think of it as a frankenstein between Apple’s SF and Helvetica’s Rounded font styles.




During the initial app development phase we came up with a simple campaign to run on Instagram. Since Sweet was all about saving people money, we decided to give people cash every week until we released the app.

OrlandoQPON v02.png
Free Money Friday June 14 V2.png


Calling all moms

We knew early on that first time mothers and single parents were our main demographic. I had an idea for an ad campaign that used big life events as a trigger to get people to think about saving money and ultimately Sweet.